Terms & Conditions Essentials Package


Kirribilli Club ‘Shop the essentials’ was created to continue to serve the community in the only way we know how with the current restrictions in place.

As the club has officially closed doors, we are left with take-away or delivery options only. We reserve the right to change food brands within this package as per availability from supplier. Further, we reserve the right to refuse orders from customers at our discretion.

Please carefully read the terms and conditions below before placing any order for any of the Goods or Services provided from Kirribilli Club. By placing an order for any of the Goods or Services from this Website, whereas it is by phone, or by any other available channel, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Each order is a separate agreement.


Customer application

Accurate Information: Accurate and complete information must be provided by the customer. You must inform Kirribilli Club if there is any change to your details. Kirribilli Club is not held liable if the information you provide is incorrect or if it results in the loss of your product. 


Delivery Area: Orders will only be delivered within 5km of the Kirribilli Club. We will let you know if your delivery address falls outside of this area. Your delivery address is as confirmed by you on your order form.


RSA & Date of birth: If your delivery package contains alcohol products, you are required to provide ID at time of order, as well as time of delivery or pick-up. Kirribilli Club supports the responsible service of alcohol. Under the liquor Act 2007 it is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or to obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years. You agree and acknowledge that your contract of sale for liquor through this website, or any channels to reach Kirribilli Club, will be in line with this liquor Act. It is a condition of purchase that you verify you are 18 years of age or over. If you do not confirm that you are 18 years of over, your order will not be processed.


Orders, Delivery and Collection of Goods

No goods will be delivered or available for collection without full payment within the ordering window.

Late Cancellation Fee: If you cancel an order after the order cut off time, Kirribilli Club may charge you and you must pay a late cancellation fee.


Delivery: Delivery must be within 5km radius of the Kirribilli Club. Weekly delivery will take place between 2:00pm and 6:00pm the Tuesday or Friday of the week that you place your order. Pick-up available from 10:00am to 4:00pm daily, from the day after you order. 

The accurate information you provide upon booking will allow us to deliver to your specified address. The customer will specify upon booking the type of delivery or pickup. Kirribilli Club will only commit to delivering goods to the front door of your home or building. ‘Front door’ means the front door or a point beyond which entry into the interior of the building occurs. Under no circumstances is any employee of the Kirribilli Club to enter past the front door. If we are unable to deliver in such circumstances, we reserve the right to charge you for unsuccessful delivery in any event.


Hands-Free Delivery; our driver will drop your bag off to the delivery address door, they will then step back 2 metres and call the phone number specified on booking. Once you open the door and collect the bag they will then leave. The driver will call twice before taking the bag back to Kirribilli Club. You must pick up the bag on Saturday from the Kirribilli Club the next calendar day.


Leave unattended in a safe space: our driver will drop your bag off to the specified safe space on your property. The Kirribilli Club are not to be held liable for any damage caused to the goods once they are placed here.


Collection of Goods: You can come and pick up their package from the Kirribilli club from 10:00am to 4:00pm the next calendar day. Due to the severity of the situation in Australia right now if you are feeling un-well please do not come down to pick up anything from the Kirribilli Club.


Alcohol pick-up and delivery from Kirribilli Club: Our staff will be checking all ID for delivery and pickup of alcohol. You will need to provide photo-ID to receive your pack.  

We will deliver Kirribilli Club Packages to you as stated on our website. Time for delivery shall not be the essence of our contract. Due to circumstances beyond control, sometimes our drivers / couriers experience unavoidable delays. In these circumstances we respectfully request that you allow until 8pm for the delivery to occur. In the event that delivery still has not been made or attempted by the following day, we will either hold the goods at the Kirribilli Club for pick-up, or make a full refund.


Kirribilli Club Guarantee

It is our intention to give total customer satisfaction through the goods and services we offer. Kirribilli Club Packages should reach you in perfect condition. If you have reason to suspect that a product is somehow damaged, unfit for human consumption or is incomplete or has not been delivered, please contact us immediately. We shall endeavour to replace the items or give you an appropriate refund where possible. If you do not let us know within 24 hours of delivery, we may not be able to refund the item or replace it and you will be deemed as having accepted the package, unless we agree otherwise. Please note we are unable to accept returns



If you need to cancel your order, you must let us know before Monday or Thursday 10:00am.

There may be a cancellation fee if this has been cancelled later than that as the goods would have already been ordered. 

We may cancel your order before delivery or collection in whole. We may do this if we believe it is no longer safe for our employees to deliver, or if we are unable to keep working at this capacity from the Kirribilli Club. If we have to cancel your order, you will be given a full refund.



Price of goods and payment

Delivery Fee: Free delivery on packages within 5km of the Kirribilli Club.  


Additional Fee: If charged by Kirribilli Club in accordance with any cancellation fees as outlined in the Cancellation clause. 


Card Fee: No credit card fee is to be charged for any package. 


Total price of goods: Goods in your Order are charged at the purchase price published at the time you submit your Order. Prices may change from the original advertised fee.

If a product from within the package is out of stock, the price will be deducted from your total and you will be informed at time of purchase. 

If you have ordered a good that is priced per kilo, we have initially estimated the weight and total price of the goods at the time in which we have advertised the package, when we process your order we weigh the actual goods selected and will charge you the exact weight and total price of that particular good. Price will be finalised when you submit your order.


Pricing Errors: Kirribilli Club reserves the right to amend any pricing errors displayed due to human error, computer malfunction or other reason and may exercise its right to cancel the order at any point prior to delivery of the goods.


Tax Invoice: Before or upon delivery of the Goods, we’ll provide you with a tax invoice with the total price for the Goods including credits applied and any other fees.


Method of payment: At the time you place the order, you will be required to select your payment method being either online payment by credit or debit card. No cash payments. If required you are able to transfer the money directly to Kirribilli Clubs nominated bank account. A remittance will be required. Full payment must be made before the delivery of goods.    

Kirribilli Club will not save credit card details for future purchases unless requested by the customer.


Out of stock and substitution

Kirribilli Club does not provide rainchecks on goods ordered by you. Kirribilli Club will select for you (unless you advise us otherwise at the time of order) a substitution for Goods that are out of stock. Kirribilli Club will endeavour to ensure that all goods your order (and any agreed substitutes) are supplied.


Packaging and labelling of goods

Kirribilli Club aims to provide up-to-date pictures and details of the Goods on our site. At times, the picture of details of the goods may differ from the goods actually supplied to you. Kirribilli Club does not warrant the accuracy of the information contained in the Product List, descriptions and pictures and recommends that you read labels carefully before consuming goods.



We shall not be liable for any non-delivery with the goods left unattended, even if it is our fault, unless you notify us by telephone by within 24 hours of scheduled delivery.

Kirribilli Club accepts no liability for the loss or deterioration of any goods once they have been delivered in accordance with the Customer delivery instructions and our terms and conditions.

Kirribilli Club will not be held liable for any financial or physical damages of any kind.

Kirribilli Club will not be held liable for any theft. We shall liaise with you to make alternative delivery arrangements to ensure the theft does not happen again. The delivery will be carried out as per your order form.


Notification of Changes

Kirribilli Club may add to, delete, or otherwise change any of the terms of this Agreement by giving you notice. Your use of Kirribilli Club’s delivery service after notice will constitute your deemed acceptance of such changes.



Kirribilli Club may use your contact details given to us upon ordering to give notice to you by email, conventional mail or notice on the Kirribilli Club site. You may give notice to Kirribilli Club by email to info@kirribilliclub.com.au