Sport on 3 massive screens

Watch your favorite games at your local club


Situated on Level 3, the Sports Bar features bar facilities, pool table and darts area, TAB and Keno facilities, and all your favorite sports on three massive projector screens.

Come along and watch Live all the best matches in our Sports Lounge. We do broadcast live all most popular games in Australia, NRL & AFL Grand Finals, Bledisloe Cup, State of Origin series and other. Enjoy your game in a great atmosphere with the best mates, snack on complimentary party platters and grab a beer on special.



This week’s Sports Guide

MON 4th – SUN 10th, FEB 2019

Dates Left Projector Screen Right Projector Screen TAB Projector Screen 

4th FEB

 NBL Illawarra vs Cairns

CRICKET Australia vs Sri Lanka 10:30 am


5th FEB


CRICKET Australia vs Sri Lanka 10:30 am


6th FEB


WNBL Semi-Final 7:15 pm


7th FEB

A-League Newcastle vs Wellington 7:50 pm 

BBL Hurricanes vs Renegades 7:40 pm 

NBL NZ vs Adelaide 5:00 pm

NBL Illawarra vs Cairns 7:30 pm 

8th FEB

BBL Heat vs Stars 8:40 pm

A-League Brisbane vs Sydney 7:50 pm

NBL Sydney vs Melbourne 7:30 pm 

9th FEB

W-League Semi-Final 2:30 pm

A-League West Sydney vs Cent Coast 5:35 pm

BBL Strikers vs Scorchers 2:45 pm

BBL Thunder vs Hurricane 6:15 pm

AFLW Collingwood vs Melbourne 4:45 pm

AFLW Bulldogs vs Geelong 7:15 pm 

10th FEB

W-League Semi-Final 2:30 pm

A-League Melb Victory vs Perth 5:00 pm

BBL Stars vs Sixers 2:45 pm

NBL Perth vs Sydney 5:00 pm

AFLW Carlton vs Adelaide 4:00 pm

AFLW Fremantle vs Brisbane 6:15 pm

Games being shown are subject to demand and screen availability.