Money For Nothing

Win cash for nothing
Wednesday 30th of July Final Money For Nothing Draw



  • Starts promptly at 6:00 pm every Wednesday.
  • Promotion for Members only.



  • Members need to swipe their card at the rewards terminal to receive their entry ticket.
  • Members must place their entry ticket in the barrel before 6.30pm on Wednesday to go into the draw.



  • At 6:30 pm one membership number is pulled out of the barrel.
  • The lucky member drawn out has Four (4) minutes to make their way to the promotion host to claim their prize.
  • The winner drawn will then receive $25 in cash.
  • Tickets only valid for the current week – From Thursday to Wednesday.



  • IF the winning member does not check in with the promotion host within the four (4) minutes allocated, then a second ticket is drawn.
  • The prize jackpots to $50 in CASH instead of the previous $25. This continues to jackpot until the 10 tickets in TOTAL have been drawn.
  • Each member drawn has four (4) minutes to make its way to the promotion host to claim their prize. 
  • The MAXIMUM prize that can be won in this promotion is $250. This means that if the first 9 members do not claim their prize, then the 10th member wins the lot!


NSW Permit Number: LTPM/19/04323, Type C