Members Badge Draw


Closed throughout August 




  • Starts immediately after the raffles at 7:15pm on Friday and 4pm on Sunday.
  • This is a Members ONLY promotion.



  • Members are automatically entered into the draw by being a current financial member of Kirribilli Club.
  • After the raffles on a Friday & Sunday, numbers are automatically drawn from a numbers generator & displayed on the TV screens.
  • Members must be in the club at the time of the draw to claim their cash prize.



  • After the raffles on a Friday & Sunday, One (1) membership number is automatically drawn from our number generator.
  • The member’s number & name are called out over the PA system and the member then has Four (4) minutes to present itself to the promotion host.
  • Members must produce a current financial membership card with the same name & number as the member announced to win the cash prize.
  • IF the first member called is NOT PRESENT a second number will be called. At the end of the promotion, a Total of Five (5) membership numbers will be drawn.
  • IF one (1) of the members called presents itself to the promotion staff within the Four (4) minutes they win the current cash prize amount & the promotion ends for that day.
  • The jackpot starts at $2,000 and will increase by $250 each draw (providing no winners were present during the Friday or Sunday draws).
  • The MAXIMUM Jackpot amount is $5,000.



  • The promotion will run as per normal on this night. If the $5,000 is not won in the five (5) normal draws, each number drawn will then be a prize of $1000, until the total $5000 is won.
  • To enter into the additional five (5) draws members present at the club on the night will be asked to swipe their membership card to show they are in the club and agreeing to take part in the promotion.
  • Once all the members in the club have registered five (5) numbers will be drawn from the barrel, and each member will have four (4) minutes to claim their $1,000 cash prize.


It is club’s policy that no member of staff is permitted to take part in any promotion.


NSW Permit Number:  LTPS/19/33708


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