April 25th 2020 ANZAC DAY

Anzac Day is the day all Australians come together in remembrance. But this year we’ll have to come together in spirit, instead of in person. We can all still keep the Anzac spirit alive and honour our veterans and service members. The Kirribilli Club is open all weekend to takeaway service from 10am till 4pm. Come down and pick up your coffee and try our special House Made ANZAC Biscuits.


Dear members of the Kirribilli Club,
In the absence of public commemorative services in the Kirribilli and wider North Sydney community this ANZAC Day, we welcome you to consider some other ways to commemorate.
The RSL NSW website has a list of suggested activities ranging from participating in social media events and activities through to donating to the ANZAC Appeal providing financial support to veterans and families in need.
If you would like to view a service on television, the ABC will broadcasting a service from the Australian War Memorial in Canberra from 5:30am.
If you would like to demonstrate your support in person within your community, at 6:00am you are invited to stand in your front window, on your balcony, on your front lawn or at the end of your drive way and “Light up the Dawn”.
We encourage you to reach out to friends and family and ask them to participate with you in the same way from their homes.
Importantly, at some stage through the day, if you know a veteran and can get in touch, why not check in with them via a phone call, or send an SMS with a message of support.
ANZAC Day is an important time for veterans, their families and their friends to come together with their communities to remember the fallen and acknowledge all who serve.
Lest we Forget.
Julian Robinson  President Kirribilli Ex Services Sub Branch

Anzac Day 2020, marks the beginning of The Village Co.’s inaugural World’s Biggest Meat Raffle. We are on a mission to raise money to help prevent suicide in our veterans and greater communities.

World’s biggest meat raffle