Members Badge Draw


Thursday – 5 draws weekly


Kirribilli Club Member’s Badge Draw – Terms & Conditions

Commences: 1st November 2023 Thursday
Days: Thursday
Session times: 19:00 – 21:00 – Total 5 Draws per night & 30 minutes per draw

• Prize pool starts at $500
• Prize pool jackpots by $500 per week
• Maximum prize pool is $2000 – Prize must be won

• Commences on 1st November 2023, member will get one entry ticket per day via Reception Infosign Terminal.
• Member must place the ticket into the barrel provided for participation.

1. Each Thursday night (except public holidays & New Year Eve), there will be to 5 draws per night from 7pm-9pm, every 30mins per draw
2.Member’s number is randomly drawn the entry ticket from the barrel provided
3.Member’s number will be announced via the public address system in the Club
4.Member must be on the club premises at the time of the draw. They have four minutes present their current financial member’s card to claim their prize, failure to meet these T&C of the promotion will result in forfeit of the prize
5.If there is a winner from any of the five (5) draws – there will be no more draws on that night and the Members Draw will reset back to $500 for the next draw night.
6.All tickets in the barrel will be emptied on win
7.If there is no winner from any of the five (5) draws on the night then the prize pool will jackpot by $500 per draw night, i.e., total jackpot of $500 per week if unclaimed
8.All prizes up to $2,000 will be paid by cash. If the member elects crossed cheque or EFT, payment will be made by this means. The prize cannot transfer to other members
9.If the jackpot prize reaches $2,000, five draws will be conducted as normal. If the $2,000 prize remains unclaimed at the conclusion of the five (5) draws, the following additional draws will occur:
▪Four (4) x $500 cash prizes will be given to 4 winning members who are present in the Club. The draw will be conducted by 2 staff members from the free entry ticket barrel provided
▪Valid tickets will display the date, members name & membership number with the heading “Members Badge Draw”
10.Staff and management of Kirribilli Club and contractors are not eligible to participate
11.Kirribilli Club Directors are eligible
12.This is a member ONLY promotion and the member confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions of the promotion must be current financial member of Kirribilli Club and must be on the club premises at the time of the draw to claim their prize
13.The promotion will not take place on Public Holidays and New Year’s Eve
14.The club reserves the right of change and/or cancel the promotion due to unexpected and unauthorized intervention
15.The club reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions


• The promotion will run as per normal on this night. If the $2000 is not won in the five (5) normal draws,
each number drawn will then be a prize of $500, until the total $2000 is won.


It is club’s policy that no member of staff is permitted to take part in any promotion.
The Club reserves the right to to make changes and advises.


NSW Permit Number: TP/02731 NTP/08090


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